Wednesday, 15 March 2017

Things to look forward to in April

I know its only 11th of March, but there is sooo much happening in April that I'm excited about. Not that I'm wishing the year away of course...

- Easter!!! Yaaay! (Why is easter egg chocolate better than normal choc?!)

Now that Nylas at an age where she understands more, I'm planning on taking her to an easter egg hunt. There are a couple on near (ish) to me. 

Morden Hall Park (Cadburys easter egg hunt)
Friday 14th - Monday 17th April 
£4 per child

Priory Farm Little Bunnies egg hunt
Friday 14th - Monday 17th April
£3 per child

- School Admission results! 

April's the month I find out which school Nyla will be going to. I want to cry even thinking about it... not ready for big girl school yet. 

I think the official date is April 18th

Gives us a few months to prepare, do the school run to see how long it takes, get the uniform and shoes, run away to Neverland so she never has to grow up etc. 

- Peppa pig movie!!! 

What more do i need to say, really. 
April 7th it comes out :-) 

- London Coffee Festival 

Ohhh yesss. Im 100% going to this. Before I became a mum I wasn't that into coffee, now I need it to get through the day. 
6th - 9th April
Brick Lane


- London Marathon 
23rd April

Of course this will just be a spectator sport, think i'm a loooooong way off being able to run a marathon, as in, maybe in a next life. 

Should be a fun day out anyway, until mini-me needs the toilet that is...

Would love to know what youre looking forward to in April?xxx

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