Thursday, 2 March 2017

The mummy clique!

So its world book day today, which i knew, i spoke to my friend about what costume her daughter would be wearing, i saw loads of posts on Instagram about it, but i still somehow forgot and put Nyla in NORMAL CLOTHES for nursery. 

Obviously we got there and she was the only child not dressed up! It was one of those moments where i felt judgement from some of the other mums, that look and awkward smile which you knew meant "thats so embarrassing that you forgot"

In the grand scheme of things, its a costume, its not the end of the world but for some reason, as soon as you step in the door of a nursery, school, mummy club etc, you enter the world of the mum committee, where everything matters and you will be judged! If your child isn't being well behaved, if your child's hair isnt as neat and tidy as the others, or if your buggy is slightly different, it all matters! 

Before i had Nyla i had noooo idea that mummy cliques even existed. The first experience of it was when i went to a breastfeeding coffee morning, basically loads of mums sitting around breastfeeding their babies and drinking coffee. Luckily there was a nice mum there who welcomed me, but there were other groups of not so nice mums who made me feel like i was a failure for not being amazing at breastfeeding.

I obviously didn't go back there, but I did go to other little mum and baby groups as i didn't want that experience to put me off. Although not all the mums are like that, some definitely are, and you will pretty much be able to spot "the clique" straight away. 

I quickly learnt the best way of dealing with "cliques" is to be confident, speak up, and smile. Then never let it go further than that, no number exchanging!  That way you wont have the dread of facing them at the next class, plus it means you can actually go back and not let them put you off!

Just remember, you are all there for one reason, your child, so don't let the mummy politics put you off getting out there! 



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  1. This reminds me of the film Bad Moms - seriosuly your all doing what yoi can for your children life is hard enough without being constantly judged. God knows how many times I used to go in school uniform when it was a mufty day haha x
    Lola Mia //


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