Saturday, 11 March 2017

Dinosaurs at Crystal Palace Park

Woke up today with absolutely no plan. Which is very unlike me, usually I have at least an idea of what the day will bring. So I looked at my list of places in london I want to take Nyla, I have a list for everything, literally!

As it was a nice day, we wanted to be outside and as she is dinosaur mad I thought Crystal Palace would be perfect. Ive heard about it obviously, and we went past it on the train once but have never been. 

It was such a good day out. The park is lovely! Apart from the dinosaurs, theres a little lake with pedalo boats which will be great in the summer. Theres a playground for the kiddies, with a huge sand pit which i bloody hate as she brings it all home in her clothes! 

I would definately recommend it! Theres free parking on the side roads which is good too.

We'll definately be going back in the summer for the boats :-) xx


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