Sunday, 26 February 2017

Sunday swimday

I took Nyla swimming today as we havent been in a while, i forgot how much she loved it! Im definately going to make it a regular thing for her.  I think i picked a bad day to go though, it was "family swim" day so it was absolutely packed. Also it was mainly all dads and their kids as it was a sunday which made me feel even better about being in a swimming costume. Not! 

We were a bit early so we sat in the cafe and watched the earlier session that was on, which i wont be doing again as hearing "is it our turn yet" 100 times will drive you crazy! 

Heres Nyla looking through the glass and hating all the kids, wish she was in there instead lol

So we went and got changed and went in, i annoyingly forgot her arm bands so had to hold her the whole time. To be honest i loved it as she was so happy it was cute spending real quality time with her. 

Half way through, she stopped splashing about like a headcase and looked at me, i was about to ask what was wrong but i didnt need to as i suddenly felt very warm water all around me! Lol, yep she wee'd in the pool. I quickly swam away so nobody would know it was us haha! 

Things i forgot that are so important:

- Change for the locker
- Body cream! Omg we were so dry after the shower, chlorine makes you soooo dry! 
- Arm bands/ring
- A ball, if you go on a quiet day and there arent any floats or toys out
- Towels, one for when you get out and one for after shower
- Plastic bag to put wet stuff in

That was everything we forgot, hopefully next time i remember to check this post!


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