Monday, 27 February 2017

Rainy day fun - At home

Its been raining a lot recently....shock! So here's a few things i do with Nyla when its miserable outside

1) Make play doh! 

Literally keeps her entertained for hours plus she loves helping me in the kitchen. All you need is flour, salt, oil, water and food colouring! Its so easy.  We made some today...

The green food colouring looks a bit radioactive but it settles down into a lime colour.


2) Paint! 

Get the overalls and paints out and that's them occupied for a couple of hours. 

Idea - Cut up some oranges, limes, lemons etc. and make prints! 

3) Turn the living room into a cosy den & watch Disney movies! 

This is seriously an underrated option! We did this recently when we were sick and it was so nice. We opened up the sofa bed, closed the curtains, put on Beauty & the Beast and snuggled up. Don't forget to make some snacks before hand. :-)


4) Beauty Salon! 

This is probably more aimed at girls but doesn't means boys cant get involved too! 

Set up a little area and turn it into their very own beauty salon, you can do mani's & pedi's, face masks, massages etc.

This is a great one as it gives you a chance to cut their nails before you paint them rather than the usual pinning down session! (Unless your kids let you cut their nails with no issues, if so I'm very jealous)

When it was my time to be the client i would lay down and Nyla would massage me with various poking and elbowing techniques. Most of it was enjoyable anyway! 

5) Bake! 

I'm literally the worst at baking, but Nyla loves doing it and I'm hoping practice makes perfect, even though its been 3 years of practicing and still no improvement.

We recently baked some smarties cookies, which didn't come out how they were supposed to but Nyla still loved them. Haha!

Or if you're feeling lazy, just get a ready made kit from the supermarket.

A few ideas for you, which will hopefully keep them from getting bored and driving you mad! :-) 


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