Thursday, 16 February 2017

Mums night off/My Birthday fun

I recently turned 29 🙈😢😩 which i was gutted about, so not ready to be 30 yet so i hope this is the longest year of my life! In a good way of course haha.  What better way to cheer yourself up about getting old then to plan a night indoors wearing onesies! Definitely in denial about my age!! 

So my 3 besties, (4th was home in bed with the flu) came over to mine. I dropped Nyla off to my mums that morning. As it was a "slumber party" i tried to make the front room into a fort, which kindof failed as you need a million blankets!!! So i settled for a cosy effect... pics below...  

I brought down the spare mattress and covered it with a huge cosy ikea throw, and tried my hardest to cover the window with blankets.  The girls loved it, and it looked much better when it got dark.  We ordered pizza, drunk the best punch made by me (recipe below) put on a scary film and ate more rubbish! So basically a normal saturday night hahaa.   

My beautiful friend Debs, the other 2 didnt want to feature lol


For this you will need
- Party ice
- Lemons (& limes if you have them)
- Vodka
- Bucks fizz 
- Cranberry juice
- Lemonade 

Method.... Chuck loads of it into a huge bowl and drink :-) Have fun! Xx

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