Monday, 13 February 2017

Kids Slumber Party 

Nyla had her first sleepover last week, im not going to lie i was slightly worried how the sharing would go but it was actually fine and they had a great time! My bestie has 2 girls, one is 8 and one is nearly 3 so it wasnt a crazy amount of kids.  The best bit about it is we could sit and chat whilst the girls entertained themselves! 

I got some plain fairy cakes from sainsburys (couldve baked but i was being lazy) and the girls had them after lunch, i gave them icing tubes so they could decorate them and it was a great little activity for them. Was also funny to see who would be the first to sack off the decorating and just eat it, haha!

This however, causes a major sugar high. (As they didn't have just one) So the next hour was filled with dance routines, listening to little mix and various Disney soundtracks!

You know what comes next.... the crash!

I brought the spare mattress downstairs and they had a little 5 minute chill time followed by fort making lol! We put loads of blankets over chairs and they had the absolute time of their lives under there.

So.... things you need for a sleepover

  • Disney movies
  • Pizza
  • Popcorn
  • Fairy cakes
  • Loads of blankets for fort building
  • Fun PJ's
  • Cheesy music - Macarena, Barbie girl, spice girls etc
  • Nail varnish
  • Face masks - for mum
  • Wine - for mum, unless they really wont go to sleep and need a bit of help.

Let me know what you get up to on kiddie sleepovers :-)



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