Tuesday, 14 February 2017

Cinema Date ❤️

I have been promising to take Nyla to see The Trolls for so long! Every Saturday comes around and she asks "are we seeing the trolls today?" So i finally took her yesterday, which was a bit crazy as it was the first day of half term. The reassuring thing was knowing that if she got bored half way through and wanted to start running around, she would definitely not be alone!  Luckily the film was amaaaaazing and she was soo into it (as was i)! I would definitely recommend taking your little ones whilst its still in the cinema.

The kids were dancing and singing, it was great!  Here's a couple of pics...

Of course barbie had to come!

P.S Check out the kids clubs or junior screenings, tickets are only £2.50 each, even for adults! So cheap!! 

Enjoy!   xx

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