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Saturday, 8 July 2017


Its 8:30am on a Saturday morning, Nyla had me up at 7am, so we went downstairs, made her brekky, cleaned the kitchen, put the wash on, and then looked around at the other 101 housework jobs that need doing, feeling so stressed.

I looked over at Nyla, she was sitting on the one patch of floor in the front room that wasnt taken over by toys, watching cbeebies and cuddling her (toy) puppy that she named Max, it was a complete mess, but she had a little smile on her face and looked so content.

It was one of those moments where you realise what you have and how lucky you are, and everything else going on in your life that is sh*t just doesnt matter.

So i left the housework, made a cup of tea and im now having it in bed writing this blog post, with Nyla (and max) who just came up to join me.

Sometimes you just needs to take a step back and appreciate what you have right in front of you. Its not perfect but i wouldnt change it for the world xxx


Wednesday, 5 April 2017

Feeling down

I havent posted anything in a couple weeks because I've been in a bit of a funk. The reality is, I get down from time to time like a lot of people I'm sure. Its been on my mind that I haven't posted which has made me feel guilty and then that's made it worse.

Why do we do this to ourselves?! It's ok to feel down, it's ok to not want to do something. As long as its not a permanant thing then who cares! Sometimes we just need some space to feel however we want to feel.

When I do get in this mood though, I completely switch off, I will bury my head in the sand and just ignore it as best I can until im over it. Rather than trying to actually change it. Not sure why I do this but its just what ive always done.

Would love to know what anyone else does when theyre feeling down? How do you cope with it?



Wednesday, 15 March 2017

Things to look forward to in April

I know its only 11th of March, but there is sooo much happening in April that I'm excited about. Not that I'm wishing the year away of course...

- Easter!!! Yaaay! (Why is easter egg chocolate better than normal choc?!)

Now that Nylas at an age where she understands more, I'm planning on taking her to an easter egg hunt. There are a couple on near (ish) to me. 

Morden Hall Park (Cadburys easter egg hunt)
Friday 14th - Monday 17th April 
£4 per child

Priory Farm Little Bunnies egg hunt
Friday 14th - Monday 17th April
£3 per child

- School Admission results! 

April's the month I find out which school Nyla will be going to. I want to cry even thinking about it... not ready for big girl school yet. 

I think the official date is April 18th

Gives us a few months to prepare, do the school run to see how long it takes, get the uniform and shoes, run away to Neverland so she never has to grow up etc. 

- Peppa pig movie!!! 

What more do i need to say, really. 
April 7th it comes out :-) 

- London Coffee Festival 

Ohhh yesss. Im 100% going to this. Before I became a mum I wasn't that into coffee, now I need it to get through the day. 
6th - 9th April
Brick Lane


- London Marathon 
23rd April

Of course this will just be a spectator sport, think i'm a loooooong way off being able to run a marathon, as in, maybe in a next life. 

Should be a fun day out anyway, until mini-me needs the toilet that is...

Would love to know what youre looking forward to in April?xxx

Saturday, 11 March 2017

Dinosaurs at Crystal Palace Park

Woke up today with absolutely no plan. Which is very unlike me, usually I have at least an idea of what the day will bring. So I looked at my list of places in london I want to take Nyla, I have a list for everything, literally!

As it was a nice day, we wanted to be outside and as she is dinosaur mad I thought Crystal Palace would be perfect. Ive heard about it obviously, and we went past it on the train once but have never been. 

It was such a good day out. The park is lovely! Apart from the dinosaurs, theres a little lake with pedalo boats which will be great in the summer. Theres a playground for the kiddies, with a huge sand pit which i bloody hate as she brings it all home in her clothes! 

I would definately recommend it! Theres free parking on the side roads which is good too.

We'll definately be going back in the summer for the boats :-) xx


Monday, 6 March 2017

10 things I did as a new mum that I wouldn't do again! 

1) Co-sleeping

Don't get me wrong I don't think there's anything wrong with it, and when they're ill they definitely need you but for me, having done it nearly every night since she was born just makes the transition into her own bed so much harder than if she went from cot to bed. As much as I loooove cuddling her in bed I just want my bed back now! Enough's enough! 

2) The Dummy 

So Nyla only got rid of the dummy this year! Valentines day 2017. She was 3 and a half. I know other mums can relate its so embarrassing when you're out and they still have a dummy. It seemed like a good idea to have a break from the screaming, butttttt if they rely on a dummy and it falls out in the night YOU have to go and put it back in, which means trying to feel around for it in the dark when you're half asleep. Id much rather have uninterrupted sleep then having to find a way to calm them down in the daytime. 

3) Compare!

I compared Nyla to every baby/toddler i came across. Looking back, that was suchhhh a pointless thing to do. Anything i was worried about would just sort itself out and she would always catch up to the relevant "stage". 

4) Not sleep when she slept

My mum told me over and over again, forget the housework, forget it all, when she sleeps you sleep. Obviously i thought I knew better, and would use that time to shower or clean up before she woke. Then by the time she woke up i was absolutely knackered! Babies are hard work, its so much easier to cope when you're rested. Lets face it, it takes all of an hour for the house to get messy again so why waste that precious time. 

5) Buy literally everything possible related to babies

I dont know what i was thinking. What do babies need really, nappies milk and baby grows. Thats it. I went OTT and it was such a waste of time. Especially the nappies, i could've opened my own shop. Also you decide what type of nappies you prefer once you try them so buying loads that may not be a good suit is just a waste of money.

6) Personalised everything

This was just ridiculous. Yes its your first baby you love them to bits but you don't need their name on everything. I cant even count the amount of stuff i have with Nyla's name on. Door plaques, dummy clips, baby grows, teddies, surprised I didn't have personalised nappies. 

7) Try to lose the baby weight straight away 

I fainted. I literally fainted in the kitchen because I wasn't eating enough. I was on these stupid shakes that made me grumpy and tired and had a new born to look after. Thank god I wasn't holding her at the time. Never again. 

8) Rocking her to sleep

Dont do it. Just don't do it. Worssssssst thing ever. They get used to it then bully you to do it until they're too big that you cant carry them. Yes they can bully you before they can talk. Trust me.

9) Buy for the moment not the future For example, the cot. Definitely get one that grows with the baby for as long as possible. Not only do you save money but you also just have to do one assembly job. Trying to assemble and dismantle a cot then a toddler bed is just... not fun. This counts for everything. 

10) Baby toys/walkers

This is something i wish someone told me, i bought Nyla alllll of the different stage walkers, swings etc. The door swing, the huge walker that takes up loads of space, the bumbo chair. Nyla hated them all. Well, the bumbo chair she was just too chubby for lol. The only one thing she liked was her baby bouncer, that was a good buy. The point to all this is try before you buy, which ever baby groups you go to will more than likely have something like that. Try them in it, if they don't like it its rare that they will "warm" to it. 

Being a first time mum is hard enough without these additional little headaches.

Let me know what things you definitely wouldn't do again :-)  xx


Thursday, 2 March 2017

The mummy clique!

So its world book day today, which i knew, i spoke to my friend about what costume her daughter would be wearing, i saw loads of posts on Instagram about it, but i still somehow forgot and put Nyla in NORMAL CLOTHES for nursery. 

Obviously we got there and she was the only child not dressed up! It was one of those moments where i felt judgement from some of the other mums, that look and awkward smile which you knew meant "thats so embarrassing that you forgot"

In the grand scheme of things, its a costume, its not the end of the world but for some reason, as soon as you step in the door of a nursery, school, mummy club etc, you enter the world of the mum committee, where everything matters and you will be judged! If your child isn't being well behaved, if your child's hair isnt as neat and tidy as the others, or if your buggy is slightly different, it all matters! 

Before i had Nyla i had noooo idea that mummy cliques even existed. The first experience of it was when i went to a breastfeeding coffee morning, basically loads of mums sitting around breastfeeding their babies and drinking coffee. Luckily there was a nice mum there who welcomed me, but there were other groups of not so nice mums who made me feel like i was a failure for not being amazing at breastfeeding.

I obviously didn't go back there, but I did go to other little mum and baby groups as i didn't want that experience to put me off. Although not all the mums are like that, some definitely are, and you will pretty much be able to spot "the clique" straight away. 

I quickly learnt the best way of dealing with "cliques" is to be confident, speak up, and smile. Then never let it go further than that, no number exchanging!  That way you wont have the dread of facing them at the next class, plus it means you can actually go back and not let them put you off!

Just remember, you are all there for one reason, your child, so don't let the mummy politics put you off getting out there! 



Monday, 27 February 2017

Rainy day fun - At home

Its been raining a lot recently....shock! So here's a few things i do with Nyla when its miserable outside

1) Make play doh! 

Literally keeps her entertained for hours plus she loves helping me in the kitchen. All you need is flour, salt, oil, water and food colouring! Its so easy.  We made some today...

The green food colouring looks a bit radioactive but it settles down into a lime colour.


2) Paint! 

Get the overalls and paints out and that's them occupied for a couple of hours. 

Idea - Cut up some oranges, limes, lemons etc. and make prints! 

3) Turn the living room into a cosy den & watch Disney movies! 

This is seriously an underrated option! We did this recently when we were sick and it was so nice. We opened up the sofa bed, closed the curtains, put on Beauty & the Beast and snuggled up. Don't forget to make some snacks before hand. :-)


4) Beauty Salon! 

This is probably more aimed at girls but doesn't means boys cant get involved too! 

Set up a little area and turn it into their very own beauty salon, you can do mani's & pedi's, face masks, massages etc.

This is a great one as it gives you a chance to cut their nails before you paint them rather than the usual pinning down session! (Unless your kids let you cut their nails with no issues, if so I'm very jealous)

When it was my time to be the client i would lay down and Nyla would massage me with various poking and elbowing techniques. Most of it was enjoyable anyway! 

5) Bake! 

I'm literally the worst at baking, but Nyla loves doing it and I'm hoping practice makes perfect, even though its been 3 years of practicing and still no improvement.

We recently baked some smarties cookies, which didn't come out how they were supposed to but Nyla still loved them. Haha!

Or if you're feeling lazy, just get a ready made kit from the supermarket.

A few ideas for you, which will hopefully keep them from getting bored and driving you mad! :-) 

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